St Valentines Day

Happy St. Valentine’s Day everyone!
This month Ceilidh is experiencing an out of body experience. Tira and Ceilidh swapped bodies Jawdropping! The difference in how the heads meet the neck is the only difference. The Realdoll head fits well on a Boy Toy body, but the neck looks a bit longer and thinner. The opposite is some what true for the other combination. The Realdoll neck is bigger and has a pocket for the back of the mouth of the face. This pocket is exposed with the head and neck in a normal straight forward position by about 3/4″. This will close up with the head looking down, or Photoshop Eye-wink The faces are the same dimensions, but the bodies are the big difference. Ceilidh looks like she has gone on a diet, which she has Cool

So this month Ceilidh has a new body, wig, and red satin lingerie to match her new satin sheets. I also made a few stereographs.


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