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Hi Folks,
Sorry we are a little late this month. Seems the cold and flu season has gotten to the staff. After doing three shoots for last month I thought I would go back and get some shoots that about three years old. The idea to use the old pictures kind of started when I saw my first posts on TDF. I had a picture of Ceilidh with her arms above her head. Everyone was afraid I would damage the doll doing this. I said I had a set of pictures somewhere with Ceilidh taking a sweatshirt off over her head with no problems of ripped armpits.
Well I found those pictures, and a couple more shoots with a similar theme. See if you can figure it out Laughing out loud
The second set of pictures with the gray top is a play on the signs in Japanese trains. With the problem of perverted men (called “chikan”) groping women on the trains. Ceilidh is wearing the “reverse version” standard size T-shirt featuring a perverted woman (called “chijo”) who is doing the groping, helping herself to the body of the passenger next to her Evil

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