Rock Singer & Easter Bunny

Howdy everyone,

This month was a busy one with all the photoshoots and editing. A couple months back Leonus came up with an idea to show the dolls playing instruments in peoples albums to put them together and form a band. His own Ember plays the lead guitar, and B-man’s Candy plays the base. Rachael sat in for a session on the drums, and Bianca is backing up Ember. B-man has been doing a great job on piecing together everyones pictures in the Eye Candy section on the forum.

It took me awhile but I finally got Ceilidh to belt out a few numbers. The shoot this month is the result of that band idea. I set up place in the basement, in other words I moved the junk around, so I would have a place do some shoots. I hope some day to have an actual studio in the basement, but for now you will see my setup in a couple of picts. I used a couple of spot lights to make it look like she was on stage, and a stance modifier to make her stand. The nice thing about the basement is I can use the floor joists to hook the modifier to. Some day I hope to also have some real soft boxes, but for now thin paper over the light or waving the light will have to do.

Also because it is Easter, well I have a nice treat for you. Little Tira said she would play the Easter Bunny for you AND ME Evil Eye-wink Laughing out loud

So check her shoot out below, as usual just click on her photo.


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