One Piece

Hi folks,

Well Ceilidh bought a new one piece and asked if you might like to see her in it. I said why would they even care Eye-wink . Well after I picked myself up and put some ice on my eye (yes she can get emotional) Laughing out loud I agreed to do a shoot with her in it.
I started the shoot with Ceilidh as her normal B5 self, and was using an old Olympus 4040. About this time I bought a new Nikon D200. So I put Ceilidh back in the one piece, but this time with a body two. I don’t know what you would call this clothing other than a one piece. They call it ‘club wear’, but must be a strip club, and it’s not a bathing suit. I think I bought it because it reminded me of the Vampirella comic. Ceilidh is also wearing a red Carlotta wig which is quite popular. I sell these wigs in different colors and half have been this color G130
So sit back and enjoy guys and always remember, “Never argue with a red headed woman.” Smiling


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