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Hey folks,

I been wanting to do this shoot for some time now. I recently finished restoring this 1951 Studebaker Starlight into an old school Hot Rod. The idea is everything is show and go under the hood, and not so much on the outside. I plan to fix this with Ceilidh, but she is only good at being the eye candy. Speaking of which, when she drops her overalls she is wearing a hot candy apple red one piece Cool

I thought I would start her off with answering the phone, but she was a bit shy, trouble with dolls, they don’t say much. So I put her to work installing new lights behind the grill. After revving the 354 Chrysler Hemi she was feeling a bit warm and decided to see how far that zipper would go. Fortunately for us it went all the way to the floor Jawdropping!

The lighting in the shop is a very yellow florescent and the natural light coming through the window is more blue. Needless to say it is tough lighting and needs to be corrected in Photoshop. I can do some correcting with the camera, but find it easier in Photoshop.

A little later this month I will do a article on how to do corrections with Photoshop. I have one picture from this shoot that needed work with the lighting, imperfections in the doll, and the modifier that holds her up. The version of Photoshop that I have is 7, but hopefully other versions are similar.


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