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Well I seem to be having some technical difficulties with the thumbnails for this shoot. Trust me the pictures are there, you just have to click on the blank thumbnail for the picture to show. Once there just click on the right or left of the picture to move up or down. If you still can’t see them they are posted at ODC also, but out of order;

For this shoot I had some real antique props, and no Jayde isn’t that old 😉 The desk and chair are from the early 1900’s and the maps are from 1936. Even the pointer is old.

While Jayde is giving Myfanwy a Geography lesson she notices that Myffy’s uniform looks a little out of regulation, not to mention the unmentionables 😉 Jayde says to Myffy “If your going to dress like that you will end up a stripper! So turn around and let’s see what you got!” Myffy is a little taken back when she sees a brass pole in the classroom until Jayde said “Here, let me show you how it’s done” Myffy seemed to warm up to the idea pretty quickly. Ah, another teaching moment. As Myffy starts to get into a good routine she gets a shock from an intruder, SNUGGLES! Turns out he and Mitty-The-Cat just had a baby girl #2 (Karma) but he was only passing out cigars. No doll molesting this time 🙂


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  1. sedatkoc Nov 13th 2012

    wow incredible pictures

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