Dollstock 2013

Good Day Everyone,

Well this was an epic doll meet!! We had a few new people this time including Amber Hawk Swanson who wanted to pose with all the dolls in a Hooters uniform 🙂 One of my hobbies is collecting Hooters tops so one of the main shoots was to get all the dolls dressed in uniforms including name tags with the doll’s name. In total we had 30 dolls with the extra faces. For the group shot we had 23 silicone dolls in Hooters, and one Teddie Babe deluxe in Steam Punk. Plus Amber in uniform.

Backing up a bit, this year Camp and I rented a trailer to haul doll, seven doll’s that is. We measured a U-Hual trailer to make a way to seat the dolls, and haul all their stuff. With the Incrediwagon towing it there were no problems to be found 🙂

There are so many pictures I even missed posting them in November. So I will split them up into two shoots. This one is all the Hooters pictures plus Dottie and Rhiannon in a Fiat 500.

You can read more here at ODC;


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  1. Everyone should expect me, the Missus, and possibly Elena to put in an appearance at next year’s Dollstock. After seeing this year’s gallery, Shi-chan was rather upset that we didn’t get a chance to attend. Let’s just say that being punched in the arm with a silicone fist stings a bit more than you’d think!…

  2. incr2079 Dec 15th 2013

    Ah yes, It indeed was an epic meet. The best is yet to come in part Deux. With Rhiannon, Myfanwy, and the doll pile no wonder Shi-chan is upset. We can’t have Davecat getting injured now can we 😉

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