Dollstock Part Deux

Good Day Everyone,

With so many pictures, and different shoots this time it was better to split the meet in two parts. This part moves from the Hooters shoot on Saturday to Sunday which was more of a free shoot day. There is the Fiat shoot taken in the morning, but that is in part one.

This part is the rest of the day where I took a few pictures of Myfanwy across the street in her cowgirl outfit. Also I was able to do a shoot of Rhiannon. She is a new Sinthetics body 2D with an Alicia face. Jessie took delivery of her in September in plenty of time for Dollstock. As with the Hooters shoot, Amber couldn’t wait to be with Rhiannon for a picture or two 🙂

Later in the afternoon, and into the evening, it was time for “the doll pile”. This was another group shoot that Mahtek orchestrated this time. Basically we start with a couple dolls and keep on building until we can’t fit anymore. See if you can find Amber doll 🙂


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